Saturday, April 27, 2013


*I completely forgot to weigh in this morning, which is no doubt a blessing because this week was absolutely HORRIBLE on the eating side, with no exercise whatsoever. I should be ashamed. :)

*I want so badly to be able to talk about the ongoing spiritual journey in my life...but I just don't seem capable of translating thoughts into words in this area...or maybe I'm just not ready, I don't know. The one thing I will say: Once the first domino falls, the rest inevitably come down, whether you want them to or not. 

*Spring may have actually (finally!) sprung. THANK GOODNESS. My depression is 100x worse in the winter and holy cow, did it go on for what seemed like forever this year! If only my anxiety would minimize as well...sigh.

*My daughter is just a few weeks away from finishing up her freshman year of high school! (WOW. I'm just so old.) This year nearly killed us all, as her school is intentionally highly rigorous and difficult (and she had multiple extracurricular activities on top of that) but she has rocked it. None if it came easily, mind you. She had to fight tooth and nail in every class, on each assignment and on every test, which makes her success an even bigger accomplishment, in my opinion. Sorry, I could brag on and on here, I am just so stinking proud of her. She's a really good girl. :)

*However, I'll be honest. Parenting a teenage girl--even a good one---is, well, lets just say it's an adventure.  ;)

Well, I guess that's it. All I've got today. Now get out there and enjoy this springtime!  :)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Saturday morning weigh in, resurrected

Weigh in: 134.6
Loss of:  3.4

Hm. Seems unlikely. I didn't have a ton of water yesterday, maybe I'm dehydrated? At any rate, there it is. I will probably go up again in a day or two.

Not going to lie though, it does make me want to keep going, seeing a smaller number already. :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

This winter has not been kind to my hips!

Veering back into weight-loss territory...

So, I just got home from Kohls, where I had hoped to use my 20% off coupon to buy a couple of clearance spring/summer tops. Well, that didn't happen. NOTHING fit properly. I am horrified by how terrible I looked in every single thing I put on. I haven't weighed in for quite some time, but I'm guessing I'm up BIG time. (I know I should just bite the bullet and get on the scales, but I am in full scale avoidance mode right now!) 

EDIT: I weighed in after I posted this: 138. Still what it was before the holidays, but for some reason I look bigger than I did then. Whatever, it is what it is. 13 pounds to goal. 

It is all my fault and I knew it was coming. I've slacked majorly when it comes to working out, I've been snacking endlessly, I'm even back to munching my old nemesis peanut M&Ms, I'm not drinking enough water, I'm not practicing portion control, I'm eating whatever I want whenever I want, and so on. Just no discipline whatsoever, heck, I'm not even trying.

My first instinct is to go WAAAY in the other direction and barely eat anything, but the past has proven that doesn't work for me long term so...I suppose I'm back to calorie counting. (UGH)  I also need to get back on that treadmill, but with me eating is the biggest key to going back down, so that's where I will focus the bulk of my attention for now.

I think I'm going to try the approach of small, frequent meals all day and then portion control at dinner. Also, I might be talking about this here, not sure yet. Right now it seems like a good idea, it worked before, but I also know that blogging regularly isn't my strong point! :)  If anyone does SparkPeople and wants to follow along with me there, just let me know!