Monday, November 30, 2009

The damage

Thanksgiving weekend is finally did everyone do?

Confession: I was bad. And it wasn't the turkey, either!

Thanksgiving dinner actually wasn't too terrible, calorie wise. I ate a couple of thin slices of ham, some spanish rice, green been casserole, and a couple of rolls. Small-ish portions, no seconds. Easy-peasy! I was feeling good.

So I told myself to go ahead and get some pie. One piece wouldn't hurt! So I did. A nice sized piece of cherry pie, and just a tiny bit of pecan.

But oh. Oh, the pecan pie! It was absolutely heavenly. What have I been missing out on all these years?? So...I had to do it. I went back and got a big, fat slice of pecan pie. And it was good.

And I may have taken another slice home to eat the next day. Still good. I'm pretty sure my new obsession is pecan pie. Perhaps the most fattening of all the pies, too!

So then my poor kiddo came down with a fever on Saturday night and all day Sunday (today too, although she seems a bit perkier finally) and we had to cancel a big day of fun plans on Sunday. She was so bummed out that hubby went to get her a treat for breakfast to cheer her up...donuts. Not just ANY donuts either...Krispy Kreme. A whole box. YUM.

And I didn't have one!!!

Nope, I had two.


Lunch was her choice again, to cheer her up. She choose BBQ chicken pizza and a steak sub. And was GOOD. :)

Since my day was already toast, I may have eaten the better part of a bag of chips last night, too. Maybe. And then this morning? I got through half of a Krispy Kreme before I finally handed the rest to my daughter to save me from myself. A downward spiral, indeed.

The good news is that my weight this morning is still on track. How, I have NO idea! Perhaps it'll be a delayed gain? Well anyway, I'm all dressed in workout clothes and planning to hit the treadmill soon. Lunch and dinner are all planned out and they are reasonable. I desperately need some healthy food provisions soon so as soon as the kiddo is feeling up to it, we are off to the grocery store!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and holiday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Shopping isn't always that fun

Know what I really hate doing? Trying on bras. I HATE it. No size seems to fit me. I've measured myself, tried different variations of number and cup sizes, and they are just all BLAH. Too tight or loose, swimming in the cup or spilling out of them, creating back bulges or cutting into my shoulders. Argh.

I don't think any men read this blog, but just in case let me warn you to STOP READING NOW!

Okay, just between us ladies...I lost my boobs. No, they didn't just disappear and they aren't sagging down to my waist or anything like that, but I lost about 2 to 2 1/2 cup sizes and so my boobs are looking a bit, well, deflated. Sigh. Nothing I can do about it short of surgery, so onward I go...searching for some uplifting support!

Although it is a tad big in the cup area I did manage to find one that will do, but not until after much drama and a couple of torturous hours in the dressing rooms of both Kohl's and JCPenney. Hopefully I am DONE bra shopping for the next year or so!

So...I think I'm done replacing what I can't fit now. Found my jeans, found my bra, found a winter coat. Finally done shopping and now I can focus on working out again (ahem) so I can continue to fit said bra, jeans, and coat! :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

In a pit

Sorry for another extended absence. I am DEEP in the depths of a down cycle...most likely tied to my monthly cycle, I hope. I am struggling to just get through the day right now, all things diet related have been cast aside. No exercise (even though it would probably help...ugh) and eating crazy. CRAZY. Weighed in a day or two ago though, miraculously I am still holding steady. Don't know how (my metabolism must still have a bit of omph in it) but I'll soooo take it.

Hopefully I'll bounce back in a few days when 'it' finally comes. I'll be back. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fresh starts and desceptive jeans

Hey there! It's been a little while since I've checked in around sorry. Last week was a doozy of a busy week around our house.

I wish I could come and say how amazingly awesome I was doing, watching my calories and getting tons of exercise, but I SO can't. I've been eating AWFUL (we were busy last week, remember? That equals me not cooking and ordering too much pizza, sadly!) and I didn't work out ONE time last week! Yikes.

The good news is that my weight is miraculously holding steady...PHEW. I know that it won't hold firm for long though, so I stocked up the fridge and I'm ready to crack down again starting tomorrow.

Oh, and here is something fun for you. I've been trying jeans on for weeks. Literally weeks. Maybe months. I have always been a hard person to find jeans for. My hips and hiney are MUCH bigger than my waist so the waist is always too big. Always. It is so frustrating. Oh, and I'm short so I have to have petite sizing.

ANYWAY, today I tried Old Navy for jeans for the first time (ever, I think) and I discovered something very fun there...they totally have vanity sizing! Seriously, if you're having a down day head to the Old Navy, grab the size you usually wear and the next size down and I betcha you can wear the smaller size. FUN!

Here's to a fresh week, a fresh month, and a fresh start!!