Friday, November 6, 2009

In a pit

Sorry for another extended absence. I am DEEP in the depths of a down cycle...most likely tied to my monthly cycle, I hope. I am struggling to just get through the day right now, all things diet related have been cast aside. No exercise (even though it would probably help...ugh) and eating crazy. CRAZY. Weighed in a day or two ago though, miraculously I am still holding steady. Don't know how (my metabolism must still have a bit of omph in it) but I'll soooo take it.

Hopefully I'll bounce back in a few days when 'it' finally comes. I'll be back. :)


  1. Hugs Missy. Did you get my email? Let me know if you didn't. :)

  2. Something needs to be done about these hormonal things. I hate them.

  3. Summer...just found it in junk mail! Sending a reply...