Friday, June 25, 2010

Boring, random stuff

*I had not one, not two, but THREE blueberry muffins this morning. Now I feel pretty gross.

*I taught my daughter how to play rummy the other day, and now we play cards all day long. I used to let her win games when she was I wish she'd let me win more often.

*Remember when I said I was doing a bunch of small things to help lower our grocery bill? Yeah, about that. Not all of them took. First, my family HATED frozen concentrate OJ, and I was barely able to choke down our disgusting tap water so I basically stopped drinking water altogether. We now buy regular OJ and grocery store water again. Oh well.

*I haven't had a vehicle to drive in months now...and I've seriously become concerned with my sanity level. Stuck at home for a few days is no fun. Stuck at home for months is just plain wrong.

*For a few weeks, Walmart had Breyers Ice Cream priced at $1.98. Okay, first, Breyers is THE best ice cream out there. No really, it is. Second, that is WAY cheaper than we could buy ice cream cones...even at McDonalds which used to be our go-to summer dessert place. We we've been buying a LOT of Breyers.

*When we were at Walmart a few days ago, we noticed they'd raised the price back up to like $3.25 or something like that. Still cheap, but not less than two bucks! I was actually a little bit relieved. A couple more weeks of nightly scoops of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and I'd need to start counting calories again!

*My 13th wedding anniversary is on Monday. Pretty cool.

*Sorry about the boring random-ness of this post. Not too much going on to talk about when I've been home for the entire month of June. ;-)


  1. Missy,
    Congrats on making it 13 years;0)
    I'm sorry you're still stuck at home. You must be feeling absolutely stir-crazy!

    Mmm, Breyers! But I understand about wanting it/not wanting it around. Mom has bought a TON of ice cream and toppings, etc. since she's been here. I'll probably end up throwing most of it in the trash after she leaves on Monday.
    (For now though, I'm still indulging. Today I had coffee ice cream in a waffle bowl with chocolate syrup on top. Yum.)

    Still working on cleaning/organizing the kiddo's bedroom. Got the painting done, finally. I bought her some new curtains and a desk lamp, but we were able to get a desk/chair, big cork board, and some organizing supplies for free. It's starting to look more grown-up-ish in there rather than little girlish. She really likes it.

    Going window shopping tomorrow morning with my mom and aunt at a huge antique store. Antiques aren't really my thing, but this one usually has some pretty cool stuff.

    It's getting late so I'd better scoot.
    Love ya!

  2. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  3. Does a Brita or similar filter help your tap water? If it would make your water taste better, it might also help the concentrated OJ. Might. I'm one of those that can only drink Minute Maid no pulp. We've just eliminated OJ altogether... I miss it, but oh well.

    Our well water when we lived in NY was awful, even filtered, so we bought water at the grocery. Fortunately they had refillable large jugs (three gallon?) so it wasn't as expensive as buying single use bottles.