Monday, March 1, 2010

Still up...

My monthly weigh-in is officially 125.2. UGH. That is the magic number that puts me back into 'diet' mode again. I am VERY frustrated, because I have worked out extremely hard the past few weeks, both cardio and strength training.

SO....time to crack down on my eating again. It is the only way. Hopefully the April weigh in will look much better!


  1. Could it be that you've gained muscle? That would cause a little weight gain probably.

  2. I don't know...I suppose it's a possibility, but still. I don't like it! Going to try and gain muscle and LOSE pounds at the same time! :-)

  3. Maybe your body has gotten used to the routine. Can you change things up a bit? Maybe even go without exercise for a few days and then kick it up a notch after that.

  4. Marcy...sadly, this IS me changing my workouts! Instead of just all cardio treadmill workouts, which I still do, I added in a bunch of strength training stuff as well. Using weights, exercise ball, stepper, crunches, lunges, sit-ups, ect. So it definitely isn't that. :-)

    I'm tempted to take time off (because I maintained MUCH better when I wasn't working out at all!) but I won't. I need the exercise for toning and mood enhancement. Pressing on...

  5. Good for you, Miss! Glad to hear you're not only exercising for "weight loss"; there are so many other benefits:0)

    My guess is that stress-eating may have something to do with the (tiny) gain.

    You're doing awesome and looking fantastic! Keep it up!

  6. There was a time (months) where I had dismal losses or a 0 a few times, yet I was remaining on plan and exercising. Yikes.

    I think it is possible you're gaining muscle, but it's also likely you're retaining water in your muscles.

    It stinks, whatever it is!

  7. I have to keep reminding myself of that -- that exercise isn't only or even primarily about losing weight, but increasing overall health, including strength, toning, and mood and energy.

    And I too need to put more attention on what I'm eating. I'm feeling a difference from the exercise I started this semester, but my clothes don't fit any different, and I think lapsing in eating is the culprit.