Thursday, April 1, 2010

April weigh-in

Monthly weigh-in time! Today's weight is 123.2 so we're holding steady. Well, steady-ish. I've been up and down between 122 and 125 all month, but that's alright, as long as I'm not going above 125, like I did briefly not long ago!

This week marks two special anniversaries for me: It marks one year since I officially started my diet/weight loss journey, and it also marks six months since I reached my goal and started maintenance! It has been quite a journey on both counts, but I'm feeling pretty good the whole year overall.'s to another year of trying to make good food decisions and staying active. It's a daily battle, but one that is really worth it in the end.


  1. That is SUPER exciting, Missy!!!!! I'm so proud of you and so impressed! Way to go. :)

  2. what a great accomplishment!!! :)

  3. WTG Missy!!!!! I know you will keep doing great. :)