Thursday, December 6, 2012


Well, it can no longer be denied. I am most definitely in a down cycle. Every stinking year about this time it happens, yet it somehow always takes me by surprise. This year it has been helped along by some really crappy circumstances that all hit at once, and that just makes it feel a million times worse.

I could write a multitude of words right now about how I feel and why, but what good would it really do? And honestly, I try to count my blessings, but it doesn't really change how hopeless and sad I feel. I just hate this so much. 

So yeah, I just don't care that much right now if I lose a pound or gain a pound. I don't care what I eat or if I workout. I just want to get through today, this hour, this minute. I just want to feel peace, even a smidge, or an ounce of true joy. And I desperately want the crappy circumstances to get better in my life...but I don't really see a way of making that happen.

And that's just about all I have to say. 

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  1. I'm sorry:(
    For me, it's always the post-holiday letdown that gets me.