Saturday, November 1, 2014

FINALLY a Saturday morning weigh in!

Weight three weeks ago: 137.4
Weight this morning: 135.2
Loss of: 2.2  lbs.

I can NOT tell you what a relief it was this morning to get on the scales after three weeks of cheating (and totally avoiding the scale altogether out of fear) to see a loss. I was chanting in my head on my way across the room to the scales, "Please don't be back in the 140's again!" because I honestly believed I gained every single pound back! So yay for momentum that kept me somehow safe the past three weeks, and hopefully today can mark a comeback of real effort again. Imagine how far along I'd be right now if I'd kept working hard and eating right. Instead of two pounds I'd probably be down six more by today. Reminder to myself: You could be back in the 120's right now if you'd have done what you know you should be doing. Stop being such a slacker!! :-)

That being said, I'm making pink cupcakes today for my daughter to take to her Sunday evening small groups tomorrow and, let's face it, pink cupcakes rock. So yeah. Totally going to have one. Or two. Just being real. ;-)

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  1. Yay! Good for you, Miss. I was just going to poke you and ask how you were doing;) Glad to hear you're making progress!