Sunday, May 10, 2015

Weigh in and a progress picture

Weight last week: 132
Weight this morning: 131
Loss of 1 pound

Well. It is a loss and I will take it, but dang I've been waiting to get out of the 130's for a VERY long time! My body really wants this to be where I stay, apparently. However, I'm not giving up quite yet. I know I can do better. My workouts are still pathetic in numbers, only one last week. And I had that m&m day, a bit of a cheat day yesterday, and way too much chili and cornbread on Thursday. So most definitely room for improvement.  

Oh, and I thought I'd post a progress pic since I actually have a recent pic of me! I rarely take pictures because I so hate the way I look in them, but last night was my daughter's prom and here's one of us.

Well, here's to another week of not giving up. And maybe a bit of splurging today for Mother's Day! And a big Happy Mother's Day to any mamas reading this! :)