Friday, February 12, 2010

Random pics for no reason at all...

I have been meaning to post this pic forever...
It just blows my mind how much different my face looked! Had to get it on here for a reminder of what I'm trying to prevent from happening again.

Just for fun, here's a pic I just scanned onto my computer from all the way back in 1997...

Hubby and I the year we got married. How cute are we? :)


  1. I see the pictures of the "heavier you", and they just don't look like you to me. Even though I may have seen you in person when you were that weight, you always just look like "cute little Missy" to me. I think maybe it's like that sometimes when you care about someone, because you see Them, not their weight. My hubby has been heavier at times (now thinner), but he always just looks like "Nate" to me.

  2. Wow, it is amazing how weight transforms us. Thanks for sharing that, because it gives me great hope! lol

    I ***Love*** the photo of you and your hubby! A *very* cute photo!

  3. You guys look so cute!

    BTW: Here is my new blog...

    New start for a new me. :)