Monday, February 1, 2010

Monthly weigh-in

Well, my monthly weigh-in was up a pound and a half to 124.5. UGH. I hate that I wasn't able to take off that extra weight yet...but I WILL. Oh yes, I will.

On a possibly related note, I am still just 'spotting' and haven't officially started my monthly yet. It's been five days of this! I have had full-blown PMS the whole time, too...which has totally kicked my booty. I don't know what the heck is going on with my body right now. During the past few days I've had a few long episodes of heart palpitations, severe cramps and headaches, and of course the lovely night sweats, so I'm thinking it's just a big mess of peri-menopause.

BUT! I'm not using that as an excuse for the gain. I gained this weight early in the month, and I had time before last week to lose it but didn't. I slowed my metabolism down by slacking on exercise late last year and now I've got to just rev it back on up again! No biggie...I CAN do this!!

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  1. Have you gone to the doctor? With the heart palpitations, I would have. Kind of scary.

    The joys of our monthly cycles--oh how they change when we get older, what a pain in the neck.

    Love the photo of your daughter and husband! (I'm really behind on blogs, can you tell?)

    Instead of having one set number, such as 123, I think you should have a range such as 122-125 due to normal fluctuations. (Choose your own numbers there.) You look absolutely beautiful in your photos.

    Oh, btw, thanks for mentioning the hair loss. I've been experiencing that--not a lot, but some with every brush or comb through, I have hair in the comb. I never had that before. I never realized how important good fat was, but I think that's why it's been happening.