Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I decided to put my Nov. 1st weight at 124, since it was 123.6 on Saturday and 124.2 this morning...kinda in the middle of the two. ;-)

Not worried about being slightly up today, as I am once again moving slowly (since Saturday for goodness sakes!) and I know once it happens I'll be lighter. (Gross, but true)

Not much else to add, except that my favorite sandwich place (Penn Station) is having a sale on their 8 inch Philly subs (only $2.99!) and I'm thinking that I really must have one soon...

1 comment:

  1. Good decision, Miss;0)
    Hope you enjoy your sammich!
    Did you get out and vote yet?

    Doing some last-minute research via internet on the candidates. Really turned off by one guy's website... Maybe it's just a poorly designed site, but it seems to be awfully difficult to actually view his voting record. I've got my mind made up for most of the offices, but I may just flip a coin on that one;0) (Just kidding!!!)