Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monthly weigh-in

Weight this morning: 125.8

I'm up a bit again, but truthfully I'm not surprised. I haven't been doing what I know I should be doing and eating crazy bad lately, so yeah. It is what it is.

Sorry I haven't been blogging. Honestly, things in my personal life aren't great and I've kinda retreated into myself a bit. Hopefully I'll be back blogging again soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday season. We have snow on the ground this morning, so it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...ready or not! (I'm not)


  1. You are not going to be a happy camper if that two turns into a three....

    Come on, Miss, don't give up. You've worked too hard to just give up on this. Losing all that weight is so much harder than just maintaining it.

    Try and get outside and get some fresh air and exercise (yeah, I know it's cold). Reel in the eating a bit so that you can splurge come Christmas and not feel bad about it.
    YOU CAN DO THIS. You can.

    Love you.

  2. Thanks for the pep talk, girl. I CAN DO IT. (I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT....)