Wednesday, May 25, 2011

On my mind

Just a couple of things on my mind today:

*Being a parent is HARD and getting harder with each passing year. Trying to balance consequences for behavior with my daughter's happiness is a never-ending internal battle for me! I was just so unhappy as a child, and because of that I tend to put too much emphasis on her happiness above all else. Now that she is getting older, I'm realizing that she needs discipline now more than ever, and quite frankly it stinks. How I miss the younger years, when everything was so much simpler!

*The upward trend of my weight continues. I can NOT seem to find my groove again no matter how much I determine to do so. I so need to restock the house with good choices and purge out the bad ones...and find a way to get rid of my constantly ravenous appetite!

*Today I was once again reminded that life, even with God in control, is always going to be a mixture of joy and pain. Always. Pain is not ever going to be out of the picture, and running from it, trying to avoid it, is not an option. God will walk me through the pain but He will not be a magical protection from it, no matter what any fancy tv preacher tries to pass off as truth.

Enough for now...more later. Hoping you're all safe from the storms that are already firing up across the country once again. They have to stop eventually, right??


  1. It's okay to throw the junk food away. Or donate it, if you must.

    How to harmonize your first bullet with your last? How to conceive of discipline as restorative?

  2. I miss when my son was younger, too. It was easier. Although at this age it's fun to have more adult conversations with him...he's really into politics and can talk my leg off.

    I'm trying to find a new groove and it is tough.

    I love what you wrote about pain. I am always hurting or worrying over something, either physical or emotional. I need to remember that is a part of life. I like how you put it, there is no protection from it. Everybody has it, just learning how to deal with it is the struggle.