Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday norning weigh-in

Decided to weigh in on a whim this morning. 143. Yikes. That is a full TWENTY pounds up from my lowest! 

Time to get serious. I am actually ashamed of how I let it get this bad. Eating peanut m&ms again (a lot!), cupcakes, chips, Doritos, YOU NAME IT. It is shameful. I have been very spotty with working out, too. I'm in a wicked down cycle and it's showing in my weight, for sure. 

So frustrated with myself.


  1. Oh well, Miss, you're still my "after". I'd love to be down that low. I'm as far from you as you are from your lowest. And I haven't run in about a month:( Nate's been encouraging though-- he's not quitting, so I'm not either. It definitely helps to have a partner in this. Can you and your hubby exercise together, or is there some other way he can/does support you?

  2. P.S. Yay You, for braving the scale! That can be a scary, scary thing.