Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday morning weigh in

Weight this morning: 137.2
Weight last week: 143
Lost 5.8 pounds! :)

So excited about this. I know it gets harder from here, but I'm just glad that the efforts of this past week added up to something, or I'd have maybe given up. Hoping to lose another two pounds this upcoming week. 


  1. Wow, good job! That's some impressive results; you must have worked hard!

  2. I worked hard, but this is what happened last time, too. Big loss first week because I'm not shoving food down 24/7! I know the rest is where the REALLY hard starts, so trying not to get too comfortable! (Like, I REALLY want ice cream right now...)

  3. You're right-- it's impossible to keep losing weight at that fast of a rate. But still, you did great!

  4. FWIW -- everyone's different -- I stopped eating wheat in November, and lost about twenty pounds in two months, without changing anything else. I eat some on occasion -- it's hard to resist a croissant or a cookie -- but mostly I don't, and I don't eat very much of other grains. Might be worth a try -- I tried it for one month, fairly strictly, just to see what effect it might have. Besides the weight loss, which I wasn't expecting, I found that too much wheat (or other grains) makes me groggy, and sometimes I get bloated or have digestive issues.

  5. You know, now that you mention it Marcy, I've already been doing that, to a point. I've not been eating bread or english muffins in a couple of months, because I noticed they made me feel icky. I still eat pizza and tortillas and feel just fine, so I'm wondering if it is only the 100% whole wheat products that irritate me?