Sunday, October 6, 2013

Big day OVER!

Well, we made it through my daughter's quinceanera and I'm still in one piece. That's not to say there weren't numerous breakdowns along the way (oh, there were!) and several ugly childish fits thrown (by me) in the days leading up to it, but here we are on the other side now! (As a bit of a TMI, I started my 'monthly special time' hours before the event, so yeah, stress plus PMS is quite a combo for me!) In the end, everything went relatively smoothly and Gabby had a really wonderful evening, so it was all worth it. 

As for fitting my dress, I did, but barely. It was tight-ish and not as flattering as I'd hoped, but it zipped and I could even sit and walk in it, so yay. This was probably due to the fact that I'd almost completely stopped being able to eat for the last couple of days leading up to the party! I did a weigh in Saturday morning and it showed 134 but I'm not making it official because it was almost certainly the result of dehydration, not actual pounds lost! 

(And sure enough, my appetite is back today and I've already totally crushed an order of teriyaki chicken!)

I'm just so grateful to be back in the land of the ordinary again, no special events looming, no busy schedule, no ten checklists to go over, no endless crafting of centerpieces, endless shopping, and mega-stressing! Just plain old life. Good stuff. I know that there are many people who enjoy planning parties or dinners or those types of things but I am definitely NOT one of those people! When it's time for Gabby's wedding, hopefully I can afford a wedding planner! :)


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