Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weight gain, still

So I am up twenty pounds now, weighing in this morning at 144. Ugh. I am just so frustrated at my lack of discipline and overeating! Just ten minutes ago, I ate a crapload of tortilla chips with guacamole and a pack of mini-oreos. An hour before dinner. What the heck?

I am just giving in time and time again. Eating out of boredom, eating to try and get energy, eating out of genuine hunger but choosing the wrong food, mindless snacking in front of the tv or computer. Just day after day, eating crap and too much of it. I know exactly how to stop the madness, but I don't, I allow it to continue even sometimes feeling oddly spiteful to myself as I'm doing it. It makes no sense. 

So I'm here to try and get a bit of focus, maybe some accountability, or perhaps just to vent...I don't know. But here I am, and hopefully its the beginning of turning this downslide around. My goal is to lose twenty pounds by the new year...but truthfully even ten by then would be great.

Specific ways to make it happen are the same as always: First, workout everyday, for at least a mile and a half. That is approximately 25 minutes worth of movement so there aren't any excuses. This should only be my starting point, but I guess I have to start somewhere. Second, eat less and better! Keep junk out of the house at all costs because if it is here, I will eat it. Watch portions. Edit creatively, leaving off the bad condiments and extra breads, etc.

Lastly, kicking up my water intake. Although I've seen studies that it isn't as important for weight loss as they once thought, constantly drinking it tends to remind me throughout the day that I'm pushing towards something, I'm actively pursuing something, I'm flushing out the bad and getting healthy. 

And yes, this is all a repeat of several attempts to get back into the game over the past two years. I'm aware of how ridiculous I am for coming here yet again and saying the same crap only to inevitably fail soon after. But whatever. Its a start...I hope. 

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  1. So proud of you for getting back on this horse that has bucked you off so many times. If it makes you feel any better, you're my "after". I haven't seen 144 in a very long time.