Friday, December 11, 2009


I am newly addicted to cereal.

It's weird, I've never really been a big cereal eater before. I started eating Special K back at the beginning of my diet simply out of desperation for a calorie friendly snack or breakfast. Now eight months later, I'm eating it all the time! Either Special K vanilla almond or Special K cinnamon pecan...they are my new candy.

It has become my (almost nightly!) bedtime snack, my sometimes breakfast (although my egg white sandwich is still my go-to breakfast most days), and even my lunch occasionally. Sad thing is, there is little-to-no nutritional value to Special K cereal whatsoever. They aimed only for low-fat, low-cal and nothing much else. Dang.

I'm trying to remind myself that it's still better than eating that Little Debbie Christmas tree cake in the drawer, or popping dozens of m&m's in my mouth like I used to in the old days...and I suppose that's true. I just wish that little voice in my head would stop telling me it's still not as good as an apple, though. :)

What are your food addictions these days...or am I the only one who gets them?


  1. Cereal and ice cream are my two weaknesses.

    Glad you seem to be feeling better.
    Sorry I've been AWOL; just busy...
    Love ya!

  2. You are not alone! I have lots. Bread is the number one for me: Frech bread, Italian bread, pumpkin bread. YUMMY! The great thing is that you making a much better choice with a bowl of cereal than some other high calorie snack. Don't beat yourself up.

    You are doing great.