Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stress eating

My latest battle seems to be with stress eating. To state the obvious: I am STRESSED. We are having issues with my daughter's schooling, I'm having issues with my mom, and we're still having big time financial issues...and all this added up means mama is seriously stressed out.

So I eat. Munch. Graze. Grabbing cookies here and there. Chips. Italian bread dipped in salad dressing. All things I could avoid if only I followed my number one rule: the battle is won in the grocery store. Stop buying junk food!!!

I have been doing much better getting my workouts done, but it isn't helping me deal with the stress as much as I'd hoped. Oh well...keeping it up anyway. Can't hurt, right?

The good news is that I'm only up a pound, not to my magic 'restart diet' number yet, so all is not lost! I just need to refocus on what food I keep around and remind myself why I'm doing this. Stressing out is just a given for me (it's kinda what I do) but how I deal with the stress needs to change.


  1. Hugs Missy. You can do it girl! :)

  2. It's so hard to avoid temptation when the junk is in the house. I avoid bringing it home, but its tough this time of year. Good luck!

  3. no sooner did I get rid of one set of cookies, then Mark made another batch. urgh.