Thursday, January 28, 2010

One pound to go!

Hello there! Yep, I'm still plugging away, just haven't been checking in much, since there's not a lot to say. I'm weighing in at 124 consistently now, which means I am down one of the two pounds I gained. My monthly weigh-in is in just a few days and I'd really like to be back to 123 by then, but I had a little surprise that may de-rail that plan!

For the first time that I can ever remember, I have started my monthly a full week early! What is up with that?? Granted, it isn't 'full-blown' just yet (I assume you ladies know what I mean) but I never, ever do this early. I am usually 27-28 days like clockwork! Hmmmm. Very weird.

I guess I don't really mind just getting it out of the way, but it does seriously throw a wrench in the losing one more pound before the 1st of February plan! I am still working out, despite my threats not to do so anymore, if for no other reason than I use the exercise as anxiety/depression medication. Can't afford the real stuff, so it's the best I can do! Still just using the treadmill and running/walking intervals for now. I really do plan on moving on to more variety and strength training workouts soon (I keep saying that!) but I'm waiting for the other pound to drop first. I'm looking forward to a summer where I might brave wearing tank tops and even SHORTS again! (Yikes, that sounds scary) Gotta tone the arms and legs....

Not much else to tell. I'm doing a little bit better mood-wise. The past two months have been BRUTAL! I'm hoping this upswing will continue, but we'll see. I just really, really, really want Spring to come. Missing walks in the park SO much. :-)


  1. I'm so glad to hear you're doing better, Miss. I just wrote you a short "real" letter yesterday, but hadn't sent it yet... now most of the letter is moot b/c of this post:0) That's a good thing though! I guess the only thing I need to carry over from my letter is that I'm sorry for being AWOL so much lately. Busy, brain fried, can't concentrate when I sit down to email.

    After commenting on your "Spring" post the other day, saying that I don't particularly miss the sun, I was outside on a sunshiny day and heard some birds singing. THAT'S what I miss! In the warm weather I always have the windows open and the birds here are downright LOUD. I miss them:0(

  2. WTG Miss. I can't wait for spring!