Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting back up...

So yeah, last night was a not-so-great pizza dinner. If I'd have just stopped at the pizza, which was veggies only, I'd have been kinda, sorta alright. BUT. I also loaded up on these cheesy breadsticks that brought TEARS to my eyes, they were just so good. Kinda worth it, sad to say. ;)

Today, so far that is, has been better. Did two laps this morning and I'm planning on two more with Hubby tonight. Ate a light breakfast and lunch, had a great snack a few minutes ago...yogurt and almonds. Tonight is a bit tricky though, since my daughter is going to a party and Hubby and I are on our own for dinner. Usually, if it's just the two of us we splurge for Penn Station (They have a chicken marinara sub that is SO good...with vinegar fries on the side, of course!) or something else that is NOT a good dinner while I'm trying to lose a few pounds.

There's always Subway...but I am STILL burnt out on that from LAST summer! I was eating it like 3 times a week, maybe more, and ugh. I'm over it. I can barely stomach it anymore, honestly. I could probably find something decent at a sit-down place but we're on a pretty tight budget till at least after Christmas. I'm actually thinking of just picking up a microwave dinner for me and letting Hubby get whatever he wants for himself...we'll see.

So anyway, sorry I'm posting a ton of boring 'here's my day today' posts all of a sudden...I'm finding it to be helpful accountability-wise so it is what it is!


  1. Missy, I love when you post!!!! You can post any old thing and I will read it. :) That's how we support each other. Don't apologize.

    Oh, the breadsticks. They get me every time. I love them so much! Well, sometimes we just have to give in, right? What's life without some bit of pleasure. You know what Ecclesiastes 3:13 says, "that every man should eat and indeed drink and see good for all his hard work. It is the gift of God." :)

    Hope you had a good weekend, subs and all!

  2. Oh Summer, what a wonderful verse! There you go, God has totally given me the green light to eat those stinking breadsticks...