Friday, October 29, 2010


So, last night was pizza night here in my house, but I did pretty well overall, only eating two cheese slices and one breadstick. I entered everything into Sparkpeople and even with the pizza I was under my calorie limit for the day!

BUT. This morning I did a weigh-in, even though I was going to wait until tomorrow for an 'official' Saturday morning weigh-in...and yes, I'm down (124.4 from 126 on Monday) but honestly I was hoping for more than that. I know, I happy with any loss. It's just that I've been SO good all week and 124.4 is still higher than I'm used to seeing...

I suppose I'm just having a really bad morning (my depression/anxiety is always worst in the morning) and I'm wallowing in the yuck a bit. Sorry. :)

Anyway, day 4 went well. Eating within range and got my workout done. Onward to day 5!


  1. Oh you sneaky peeker!
    Congrats on the loss:0)

  2. I suffer with anxiety and depression myself. Mine is not any time of the day, it is around a certain time of the month! It is awful. Do you take anything for it? I'm on Lexapro - and it really helps. You are doing great on your weight-loss. I look up to you! I think I'm going to start counting calories too. 1200 seems like so few, but hey, whatever you are doing is working...what I'm doing is NOT! I'll give your plan a try. :-) Thanks Missy!