Monday, October 25, 2010

Some thoughts this morning

Just a few quick notes on a gray Monday morning:

*My treadmill is finally fixed...woo hoo! I'll be using it today for the first time in many months. So excited!

*I started using Sparkpeople again today. Why, you ask? Because I'm up to 126 again this morning. I thought for sure I'd go down a pound or two after my TOM passed, but nope. It seems to be sticking. Crap.

*I am so annoyed with myself. Literally within DAYS of my one-year maintenance anniversary I gain weight and it decides to stick around. Stinking Oreos got the best of me. (Okay okay, there was ice cream involved, too. And cake. Little Debbies. Even a couple of Reese's Cups. But I'm convinced the Oreo's are what did it. Little devil cookies, they are!)

Happy Monday to us all. May this week be a good (and Oreo free) one! :)


  1. Yay, I'm so glad you got your treadmill back! And in plenty of time (before it got cold and nasty out for winter). Woo hoo!!!

    The kiddo and I have been taking walks during these nice autumn days, soaking up my Vitamin D while getting some exercise. But I do enjoy walking/jogging on the treadmill while watching a foreign movie on Netflix (subtitles = not having to have the volume cranked).

  2. I was doing outside walks and I loved the sunshine...but for some reason the sidewalk is SO hard on my feet! I can't go the same distance or speed that I can on the treadmill, so I just prefer to jump on it if I can.

    Speaking of Netflix, we are in the middle of a free trial right now! It's pretty cool to watch stuff over the wii, I've gotta tell ya. Not sure if we'll stick with it or you guys think it's worth the money? We'd be doing the one that is only ten bucks a month.

  3. Missy,
    We LOVE streaming the Netflix movies over our Wii! We had cheap-o cable ($13/month) and dropped it. We're doing the ten-buck Netflix deal now. It is such a relief to not have to deal with all the crap on cable (even watching a "safe" show, cruddy commercials would pop up). Netflix has thousands and thousands of movies for streaming, plus whole seasons of television shows. And you can fill up your instant queue with tons of options, so we always have plenty of stuff to watch. Right now there are like 350 things on our instant queue to choose from.
    So yes, I would totally recommend it!