Monday, March 7, 2011

Jelly beans are awesome. Who knew?

Notes from my weekend:

1) I am quite possibly addicted to Jelly Belly jelly beans. Seriously. My daughter bought some on Saturday and they are a HUGE hit around my house. The peach flavored ones are close to perfection and you can NOT stop eating them once you start. The weird thing is that I never liked jelly beans in the past. The bad thing is, our local Andersons store sells them by the bulk and I could go get a giant bag of only peach ones and it's sounding sooooo good...

2) I have a cold, or at least the start of one, and I'm miserable. Body aches, headache, sore throat, general blah-ness. I felt super yucky Saturday but then pretty decent yesterday and I thought it had passed already...only to wake up and feel like a truck hit me today. Ugh.

3) After having an AWESOME diet/exercise week all last week, it came crashing down this weekend. Hard. Between the Doritos my stinking hubby brought home (I pretty much ate an entire bag all by myself, no exaggeration) and the many, many jelly beans, not to mention the pizza, cheesy bread, and banana nut muffins, I'm pretty sure I undid all the good I did last week. I know that it's partially because I am feeling so gross that I'm so easily giving into cravings and munchies, but still so frustrating!

So anyway, I'm trying to regain my focus today, but honestly, not having much luck since I feel so sickly...but hey, spring is a-comin' and I've got to get ready! Luckily, I'm finally out of all the good Jelly Bellys. :)


  1. LOL. I love jelly beans. :) I was having a good week last week too until the weekend. Blah. I so would like to lose 30 pounds by the summer. I better get on the ball!

  2. My favorite are the black licorice jelly beans (Jelly Belly, or any other brand). I won't stop eating them 'til I feel sick...

  3. Jelly beans - not so good; jelly bellies - VERY good!!! :D I'm with you on that!

    Hope you feel better soon! There's so much sickness that's been going around. I hope when spring comes it will all vanish!

  4. Jelly beans ARE awesome, Miss.
    But you know what else is awesome?
    New blog posts.
    Yeah, fresh new blog posts are SUPER AWESOME!

    Just had to stop by and give you a hard time;-)
    Love ya.

  5. Missy!!! I didnt know you were blogging again, or maybe, still blogging?!! You look AWESOME!! Great job! And your blog is SO adorable!!

    Guess what???!! I have some GREAT news for you!! Head on over to my blog to find out!