Saturday, October 4, 2014

Saturday weigh in

Weight last week: 141
Weight today: 138.8 
Loss of: 2.2 pounds

I did exactly *one* workout since the last weigh in, so I have to be happy to have lost anything at all! The truth is, even though small numbers were how I lost last time (sometimes even less than a half pound a week!) it feels slightly frustrating. It is getting harder to squash cravings and stick to this (and obviously sticking to an exercise plan is eluding me, as well!) and the thought of several more weeks to go is daunting. 

However, my mantra has always been one meal at a time, so onward I go, holding onto that thought. Just the next meal. Perhaps adding in: just the next workout!  :-P

So around five pounds lost so far, around fifteen to go. Today is college football watching day, pizza on the menu, and I'm ever so slightly considering a *cheat* day. (sigh) We'll see. ;-)

1 comment:

  1. Keep it up! Small losses are the way to go!