Wednesday, October 1, 2014

It is Wednesday and I'm still here...

Midweek update: Diet going well, except that I'm running a bit on the low side of calories some days and I'm worried about the effects on my metabolism. Exercise has been non-existent this week, mainly due to raging PMS. :P

I'm finding the eating part so easy right now, which is so nice. I'm holding my breath for the inevitable bottomless pit hunger that will come back eventually, but for now I'm riding the 'easy' for all it's worth. I'm frustrated in my laziness this week, I mean, I could at least be walking a mile a day to get something accomplished! Maybe I'll motivate in the morning to drag hubby on a walk before work. We had been doing those 3 or 4 days a week for most of late August and the first three weeks of September and although we didn't go far (about a mile and a half) it was nice being out in the sun and spending time in the quiet mornings together. However, I'm a wimp and when the mornings started being cold (40s and 50s, nothing frigid, mind you) I wanted to stay in my warm house instead! :)

Mood wise I'm doing pretty well, even considering the PMS. I'm wondering if the lack of junk food contributes to that? Or maybe the anxiety is fed by the extra calories I was consuming? ;-)  At any rate, I'll take it. Last month was REALLY bad from day 8 to 14 of my cycle (ovulation has become way worse than menstruating for me in my 40's) so I'm bracing myself for that. Hoping mother nature is kinder to me this month! 

Well, that's where I'm at right now. Both holding steady and slacking off but still here checking in so I'm still in the 'losing' state of mind!

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  1. I hate the way food can impact mood and energy -- well, I hate it when it's the comfort food that zaps energy and lowers the mood!