Friday, October 16, 2009

How my week went

So...I did in fact end up in bed with the heating pad on Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. Nice, right? There was an extra pizza night this week due to Mama's cramps and I may have had my hand buried in a box of Honeycomb quite a few times...

But now it's mostly back to usual around here THANK GOODNESS and I'm happy to report that I did weigh in this morning at 123...still up a pound from my lowest but the same as I was on Saturday. Phew.

Workouts this week: I did get 3 treadmill workouts in (Monday, Thursday, Friday) but NO strength training whatsoever. Maybe tomorrow? Next week this will be a priority.

I looked up how many calories I can supposedly eat to maintain my new weight and the range was like 1500-1800 a day. Ummmm, that can't be right. If I ate 1800 calories a day I'd be back up to 163 before you know it! I'm not quite sure where my caloric sweet spot is, but I can promise you that it is NOT that high!

Still going through a ton of stress. In fact, it has gotten progressively worse the last week or so. I'm not doing a TON of stress eating but it IS happening...mostly in the form of many dark chocolate Hershey kisses and 100 calorie cinnamon cookie packs. (Side note: When I started dieting my first bag of kisses lasted like a couple of I'm lucky if its a couple of weeks!)

There are days when I definitely want to have a big fat fast food fest to drown my sorrows, that's for sure. Hanging in there though. Hubby and Kiddo had McDonalds for breakfast since we were out of milk and bread...and I had a banana and a dry Nutrigrain waffle. It doesn't happen often anymore, but I'm totally a diet rockstar from time to time. :)

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  1. Wow, there's no way I could make a bag of chocolate last that long!