Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So distracted

So, how is everyone doing? Me...so-so. My eating is up and down, back and forth. My workouts are pretty steady now at three times a week. I'm not weighing in much now, hoping to not obsess on the numbers again.

That's the status of my weight loss life. The rest of my life? Ugh.

I'm struggling with ANOTHER down cycle, perhaps the same as the one I've been dealing with for the past couple of months that I've never really snapped out of completely. It sucks. I'm SO tired all of the time, so stressed, so easy to snap. I feel dark...does that even make sense? I'm actually doing better the last couple of days, so it isn't the worst it could be, but still bad. I hate this!!

Also, the Haiti earthquake and current crisis is always close to my thoughts, although I have had to force myself not to watch too much coverage or I start freaking out. I can not believe how terrible it is there, and how every time I think they've hit rock bottom I see a story that is so much worse than the one before! I realized today in the shower that they've not showered for a week now. I know, that is the least of their concerns, but it is just one more thing we're all taking for granted that they no longer can. Sigh.

I could go on and on about what I've seen and heard is going on in Haiti, but I'll stop there and do something more productive. If anyone reading this is thinking of giving a donation to help out in Haiti but don't know what charities to trust, I want to suggest Convoy of Hope.

They are in the unique position of already having a system in place in Haiti to reach many people. They were already feeding some 7,000 Haitians a day before the earthquake hit. Since the quake they are now serving around 100,000 daily. They have systems in place right now to provide not only food but water and medical help to those who need it...but they are quickly running out of supplies. I know we're all doing what we can, but if you still haven't taken the time to give something or want to do more than you've already done, I hope you will check out their website and donate whatever you feel led to give.

Sorry to go on a tangent today, but I am just feeling broken for these people and had to say something. It feels terrible to go on and blog about trying to cut back on food while literally millions are starving right this very minute! How very blessed we are...

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  1. Hugs Missy. You will have better days. Stay strong and push through.