Wednesday, January 6, 2010


So. I did a quick peek weigh-in yesterday morning and I am up a bit. Ashamed to say it, but I actually saw my panic number: 125. Ugh.

Now, there are two things that are making me not completely freak out over this development: first, I am majorly PMSing and that always adds a couple of pounds of water weight each month, and second, I weighed in after breakfast, which is not my usual routine.

That isn't to say it couldn't be an actual gain though. Lately I've been eating with reckless abandon, I'm sad to say! I am back to almost-daily workouts though, and today I am making a trip to the grocery to re-stock my good snacks and food. All is not lost!

I just wanted to be real with you all here, so you don't think I'm being a perfect little dieting mama. Nope, time to refocus once again!


  1. Good catch, Miss. And look at you, working out most days! Woo hoo!!!

  2. At least you looked. So many stop looking at the scale. That's where they get into trouble. You can do it Miss!


  3. It's been a few days. How are you doing, Miss?

  4. Still holding at 125. ugh. That's alright, I know it's going to come back off, but it is frustrating. Off to get on the treadmill...