Friday, January 1, 2010

New year, new start

So, today is the day that we all refocus our lives toward being better people. Honestly, how cool is it that once a year we all get a chance to hit the restart button?? Love it. :-)

I'm a make-resolutions type person. I love making positive plans for myself and the year ahead, even though (truth be told) I rarely follow through with them for the whole year or even a whole month! To me though, not making any resolutions is like giving up on myself. Some days I definitely feel like a lost cause, but not today. Today, I feel like I have potential.

This year I have many resolutions that I'm trying to put into effect in my life:

*Less computer time, more book reading
*Have more grace and patience with my husband and kiddo
*Jumping back on the workout train!
*Maintaining my weight loss and perhaps even dropping a couple more pounds
*Being more consistent and passionate in my spiritual life

These aren't the hardest resolutions (you'd think) but for me they are all challenges. Here's to a new year...full of opportunity, full of change, full of life. Remember, you will never have a chance to re-do 2010. You will never pass by this way again. Let's all make it the best year we can possibly have! :-)


  1. What a great attitude, Miss!

    Fortunately, we don't have to wait 'til New Year's to have a new start. We can hit that "restart" button every morning if we need to... God's mercies are new every morning; each day is a fresh start:0)

    Good job remembering your monthly weigh-in, and good job maintaining this month despite everything!
    Go You!!!

  2. So true, about each morning being fresh! Sadly, I am a night person. MANY (most) nights while lying in bed I go over my failings of the day and I make big plans to start fresh and do so much better the next day, but the next morning I almost always forget or just outright FAIL. Ugh. :P

  3. Missy,
    I was looking at your weight loss pictures. Girl, you really do look awesome! I don't think I've seen 123 lbs. since high school! (I'm 5'7"). I'm a tad bit jealous of you:)

    New Years is a fresh start. 2009 was a difficult year for me and for my family--I'm glad it is done, and I can look forward to 2010!!

  4. I love resolutions, goals, intentions, plans, etc. I think of every day like a fresh sheet of paper just waiting to be written on. Thanks for a great post!