Friday, November 9, 2012

New starting weight

I have my weight now, thanks to a visit to the doctor this morning...138. That is officially up 15 pounds over what was my original goal weight. Okay, not great, obviously, but it isn't all 40 pounds that I lost, so I'm focusing on that. Knowing that if I don't stop my roll NOW, I could quickly be back to square one again. 


  1. Hmmm, dr. visit, eh? That's unusual; you should email me and spill it.

    138--If I was that close to my goal weight, I'd be totally psyched! You can do this, Miss:)

    Not easy, but definitely doable!

  2. Nothing major to the doctor visit, just establishing myself as a patient with a routine physical. When I was super-sick in Sept I actually wanted to see a doctor (which is a stinking KNOW I was sick!) but couldn't get in anywhere because I wasn't an existing patient. SO, Angel got me an appt. with his doc and now I'm officially a patient.

    Side note: This was the first visit to a doctor (if you don't count my OB/GYN when I had Gab) in like 20 years!

  3. Yeah, I know you never go to the doctor, which is why I was like, Wait a second... what's going on????

    Good thinking though, about "getting established" while you're not in the middle of a major health emergency!

  4. Oh no, don't tell me you're abandoning us again already!!!
    What's been going on this week?
    Do tell.