Thursday, November 8, 2012

Another restart??

So, I think I might be back posting here for awhile, not that anyone is still checking for updates anymore! (Except for one special know who you are!)

The problem is that my 'diet' has been WAY off the rails for a long time now. I'm not sure of what my weight is right now, I'm honestly afraid to look, but my clothes are beginning to not fit right, or not fit at all in a couple of cases. I feel blob-ish and sluggish and gross. SO....

Time to begin again? Perhaps.

The thing is, I'm not 100% feeling it quite yet. You know, the one thing I learned the first time around was that a HUGE part of success is this magical 'click' that happens that makes it all work. I'm not feeling that click right now, so I'm trying to work my way into it, if that is even possible. I'm doing small things like working out more, even if it isn't hard core just yet. Or not buying the box of Cheese-its that I really wanted at the grocery store yesterday. Sharing an order of waffle fries last night at dinner instead of getting my own. Upping my water intake again. Little things that aren't going to add up to weight loss right now, but hopefully leading up to motivation.

So what exactly is my plan? To weigh in this Saturday, for starters. Knowing where I am and moving onward from there. Trying to make better choices at the grocery store, where the battle is almost always won or lost. And keeping up the walking on the treadmill daily, building up to the intervals of running and walking that worked so well for me in the past. 

My absolute biggest battle? Snacking. I am such a snacker! I love to have my hands in a box of Wheat Thins or Doritos or heaven help me, Peanut M&Ms. (That was a previous addiction that I'd broken free of in the previous diet...I stayed off them for like 2 years and for whatever reason, they are back in my life hardcore. Shame on me!)

So yeah, maybe I'm back. Maybe. 


  1. Well,"maybe" it's good to have you back ;)

  2. I know, the starting is the hard thing... I mean really starting. Partially because it takes a while to see any progress, and the whole time you're wondering if it's worth it.

  3. And partially because I'm really super craving some cheese its right now! :)

    And I love what you said about not knowing if it's worth it. Right now it doesn't feel worth it at all. I'm tired and sluggish after only getting four hours sleep the past two nights, so the only thing that sounds worth anything is a NAP. Walking on the treadmill, even for a mile, seems soooooo hard right now.

    Well, I finally posted here again, so step one I suppose.