Saturday, January 29, 2011

Making progress

Since my last post I am doing better. Not perfect, but better. I've worked out FOUR times this week, which lately is unheard of, and I even went for fifteen minutes and half a mile extra yesterday! Woo-hoo! :)

As for my eating, it is back to a more reasonable level once again. Again, not perfect. I did have pizza and cheesy bread Thursday night...but nothing for dessert. Last night I made chicken fajitas and only allowed myself two tortillas, instead of my usual tortilla pig-out! I haven't been eating snacky food really at all, except for air popped popcorn and 100 calorie packs of almonds. My water consumption is a bit better (although apparently not enough, because I'm having trouble *going* again, if you know what I mean. I'm 90% sure I have IBS because I deal with this and the other extreme on a regular basis. Sorry for the TMI!) and I'm feeling relatively well.

Still haven't weighed in. I'm trying to wait until Tuesday, but we'll see. How unfair is it that I'm supposed to be getting my monthly visitor that day??

Perhaps I should change the title of this post to 'Totally TMI' because I keep coming up with grosser and grosser personal info for you lovely people! :)

Anyway, right now as I'm typing this my husband and my kiddo are off buying donuts. I went ahead and made an egg white/green pepper/bacon (just one slice!) sandwich so that I would be strong...but at the last minute I asked Hubby to bring me one glazed donut hole. For a taste. Is that bad? Yeah, I know it is. But it's just the donut hole!! Gimme a break! :)

Well, that's my progress report. It's only a couple of days in the right direction, but its much better than a couple in the wrong direction! One day, one meal at a time, right?

Oh, and I just ate my donut hole. Eh. It wasn't that great at all. Funny how so often that's the case. My egg sandwich was soooo much better. ;-)


  1. Ugh, donuts are my downfall!!!! Well donuts and pizza. I love them. Way to go one just a donut hole. :)

  2. I love it when the good food tastes better than the less-than-good food. It's so irritating when it's the other way around!

  3. One donut hole, great compromise! Good job getting back into the groove, Miss!!!