Monday, January 10, 2011

2011...only ten days late

Still breathing. The holidays are always very, very hard for me mentally, and this year was among the worst I've ever experienced. Truthfully, the anxiety and stress kinda took the wind out of my sails...thus the blog silence. (Also, I am having major laptop malfunctions and that is not helping!)

I am thankfully not struggling as much right now, actually since Jan 2nd I've been doing better, but I must confess that my diet/exercising is still DREADFUL. Seriously. No exercise at all yet this year, and I've been eating junk nonstop. My first of the year weigh-in was 122, but if I'm completely honest...that was after skipping dinner on New Years Eve due to a major panic attack. I am currently up two pounds from that number. Most deservedly, I must say.

As for my other goals, they are actually in better shape. I've been doing myself up (dressing nicely, makeup and hair done) on most days, I'm studying the Bible again...both nightly with my husband and in a new ladies Bible study at church, I've been staying off the computer more, and I'm maintaining a sense of peace in my relationships. All in all, not too shabby considering how close to a nervous breakdown I was ten days ago! :)

So, did I make any resolutions this year? I didn't really, but I suppose when you get right down to it I do have a few. I'm still trying to drop 5-10 more pounds and tone up. I'm still trying to make sure I'm looking nice and acting nice each day. I'm still seeking God and His will in my life. I'm forever attempting to be a better wife and mother. I'm hoping that 2011 brings me the peace and joy that I'm forever striving to find.

I guess you could say that I'm resolving to be a better person as the year that enough of a resolution for you? :)

I'd love to hear your resolutions, if you have any!


  1. So happy to hear that you are doing better! Wonderful, positive attitude. :) Hugs. Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. Hey, she's back!
    No resolutions here, just trying to maintain/improve upon healthy habits already in place.

  3. Of course it makes sense that at stressful times one or more things are going to lose priority.

    I know you know that God is not disgusted with your weight or eating habits, even though I'm sure he is delighted with your desire to eat better and treat your body better.

    I don't do official resolutions, but I would also like to be better about computer time, and diligent in good eating and exercise, and grow in grace and graciousness.