Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trying to come up with something to talk about over here!

I want to be a better blogger. I really do! I am trying to post more often in 2011...but honestly, I so rarely leave the house anymore, so what's there to talk about?

Hmmmm. Well, the following things are on my mind right now:
*The dishes are done, so there's that.
*The laundry is down to one load the washer and one in the dryer...but they've been hanging out there since yesterday. Oops. Really bad habit of mine, leaving it for the next day and then 'forgetting' it long enough to require a re-washing!
*The kitchen table is full of school stuff. Sometimes it stays that way till Friday afternoon, but most days we clean it off at the end of each day. This week, it's staying messy. I'm just giving in to the lazy.
*The kiddo is feeling a bit better.
*The dog needs a bath.
*I still haven't worked out this year. I am in dire need of a box of hair color and some new moisturizer. And a haircut. I am basically a hot mess right now.

Riveting, no?

So, speaking of the kiddo...she literally slept till noon today. I gave her Nyquil before bed around 9:30, and we didn't hear a peep from her until noon. It went on for so long that I honestly got a bit freaked out, thinking maybe the Nyquil put her in a coma or worse. I actually texted my husband in tears at 11:30. (Yes, I overreacted. That is what I do...I overreact.)

Anyway, she lives and she even has her appetite back, so yay! She still has a terrible cough/headache/stuffy nose thing going on, but she is back to laughing and joking so I can relax a bit. I'm still not pushing schoolwork very much, so next week is going to be a bear, trying to catch up!

As for me, I am currently in my workout clothes, shoes and all. The plan is to get on the treadmill at 4:30, which is coming quicker than I'm ready for! I am bound and determined to at least WALK for 30 minutes today! Doggone it, it is just so hard to get back into a habit of working out again, but I so need to do it. I was looking at some old pics of when I was working out everyday and dieting...I was 15 pounds heavier in the pics but I looked much thinner because I was so toned. That is just wrong. SO, time to get serious about this thing!

Okay, so I'm out of stuff to talk about today. Going to go get on the treadmill (oh yes, I will!) and then hop in the shower, finish that pesky laundry before I have to re-wash it, and then make some yummy chicken stir-fry for dinner! Hope you are all having great days out there!


  1. It's 4:57, you should be finishing up on that treadmill about now... So are ya?

  2. I think I wrote in my letter that our treadmill died. The kiddo and I have been getting out several days a week and taking a walk "in the outside world"! Actually I think it's really helping with the winter doldrums b/c of all the sunshine we're getting. And walking on the snow (where it hasn't been shoveled, like in the woods) has been giving my legs a real workout! Much tougher than just walking on the sidewalk.

  3. YES! I did my workout! Two miles total, 32 minutes of intervals. My knees are killing me, and three of my toes are numb for some reason. LOL. Anyway, it's a start! :)

  4. Oh, and I tried the walking outside thing, but I am SUCH a cold weather wimp. It's partially the reason I never leave the house these days. I hate being cold SO much. However, I have heard that walking in the snow is an AMAZING workout for the backside. ;)

  5. Good for you, Miss!
    I know it's hard to get back into the routine of exercising regularly after skipping for a while. And it's hard to make yourself believe that getting started again today rather than putting it off for another day really matters.
    So again I say...
    GOOD FOR YOU! :0)

  6. Btw, I'm a cold weather wimp too (hate the cold!!!). My chest tightens up and my stomach hurts and I hold my breath without realizing it.... BUT if I get out there and just start walking pretty quickly, it warms me up and I'm breathing hard in spite of myself. So it's all good;0) I'm sure you could do it too if you needed to and didn't have a treadmill in the lovely, warm indoors!