Friday, January 14, 2011


So, I did a workout yesterday, finally, and I feel better already! I'm all dressed in my workout clothes for today so I have high hopes for two days in a row, although I haven't decided yet if I'll workout before lunch or in the late afternoon. Most likely late afternoon, since it helps me resist the snack attack that usually plagues me around that time everyday!

Hopefully I am still functional by then, though. I didn't get much sleep last night, courtesy of a 2am panic attack. Ugh. How I wish I could change this part of my life! I woke up to use the restroom (I usually do this multiple times each night...aging is just not convenient in so many ways!) and noticed a light on in my daughter's room. Turns out she was having stomach pains...which totally brings out the phobic side of me. (I have a strong phobia when it comes to vomit-related events, in case you aren't in the know of that lovely character perk that I struggle with constantly.)

Anyway, just a mere mention of stomach-aches, especially in the middle of the night, which for me is the most vulnerable time for the anxiety, puts me right over the edge. So...last night I am in bed, freaking out, literally shaking, for hours. Actually the shaking only lasted probably the first hour or two, but the panic lasts for much longer. After watching a few episodes of House and CSI on the tivo (how I try and distract myself) I finally got back to sleep around sunrise, and then slept till 9:30, not enough time to feel rested, that's for sure!

Of course, the kiddo is just fine, which I am so thankful for, but I hate that something so small and common can put me right over the edge like that. I am so over this mental issue thing.

My laptop is officially dead now, which stinks. Right now I'm using my daughter's computer...thankful we have a spare! Hubby is going to try to operate on my computer this weekend...keeping my fingers crossed. He is usually pretty good at do-it-yourself stuff, but occasionally, well, he isn't. So we'll see. ;)

I'm hoping to get some school work accomplished today, so I'd better move along! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

**Updated to add: I just finished my second workout in a row! I'm on a roll, people...

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  1. Glad your daughter is feeling a bit better. WTG on the workouts! Keep em' coming. :)