Thursday, September 29, 2011

Random weigh in

Because I'm having a hard time remembering when to weigh in, I did a random one this morning and I think I'll just do random weigh ins for awhile and see how it goes. Why not, right? :)

My weight is still basically the same as it was earlier this surprise there. You see, I've recently discovered these cheap mini-chocolate chip cookies that I love from the dollar store and also these things called Cheese-it Duos that really rocked my world. Binge city, baby. Oh, and this week was PMS week around these parts and I haven't worked out once. I suck as a weight loss blogger.

Oh well. Moving on. :)


  1. Hey, what kind of blogger are you? You're not inspiring at all!
    Tee hee:0)

  2. Just got back from the dollar store myself. Glad I didn't know to look for the yummy cookies, or I'd be having myself a bag or two;)