Friday, March 30, 2012

Poking my head out for a minute

So yeah, I'm still here and I'm mostly doing okay. Sorry for disappearing yet again, just not a lot to say, I guess. I'm still struggling in various ways, but struggle without progress isn't really fun to talk about, or read about I dare say.

So, what to talk about today? I can always fall back on the old weight loss efforts, or the lack thereof. Actually I am still plugging along some days, others not so much. I ate an entire box of Do-si-dos earlier this week. BAD. I completely stopped snacking in bed at night. GOOD. I just keep going back and forth and hoping to somehow fall into a longer pattern of good eating and behavior. Sadly, that takes a great deal of effort so I'm not really 'falling into' anything at all! One day at a time, I suppose. One meal at a time.

The one big thing that I am actually succeeding at these day is keeping myself busier. Instead of only doing the necessities everyday, I'm finding bigger projects around the house to keep me busy longer each day, and I figure that will help burn more calories along the way! We have a really small house but I'm finding plenty to keep me working, and when I run out of smaller jobs I figure I'll start painting most of the rooms...frankly they could all use a fresh coat of paint anyway!

Our nice run of weather is apparently over, which is sad but not super-sad since I know it is only a matter of time now before it's back. I LOVE me some spring weather! Getting out for walks in the park is SO much better than the treadmill, and I've learned that my moods really improve when I get some nice vitamin D everyday! Today is cold, gray, and rainy...but it is still a nice day to bundle up in a big sweater and get some laundry done! :)

One more big thing to say: Thank you SO much to all of you who emailed and facebook messaged me last week. I know I haven't responded to everyone just yet, but please know that I appreciate every single one of you and each word of encouragement you sent me! Knowing that there are people willing to take a minute to love on me and pray for me, well, it is amazing. THANK YOU.

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  1. You're still here? Yay!
    It's the weekend...Double Yay!!