Thursday, September 10, 2009

Caution: whine fest ahead

It's my blog...may I whine? Because I am having a really crappy day. I am sick with the nasty virus that attacked my daughter last week and my husband over the weekend...achy, coughing, headache, tired, plain old yucky. I didn't sleep well at all, despite a couple of doses of NyQuil. My throat hurts SOOO bad and I don't want to talk, but I have to for schooling my kiddo.

And the schooling. Ugh. We switched curriculum this year and while I love MOST of it, there is one problem class. We have the opportunity to switch her into a virtual class instead but I have to decide like yesterday. I hate being put on the spot, especially when it comes to my daughter. I need time to think, process everything, yet because I feel so lousy I just am not focusing.

I just ended up doing the switch, not out of feeling absolutely sure of the decision, but because the stress of trying to decide was making me nuts. I can't even tell you how on the edge I feel lately. And yes, it is most definitely effecting my diet.

Last night I felt so awful that I caved into yet another pizza night. What is WRONG with me?!?! I tend to snack a lot when my throat hurts for some reason, so I was also eating ice cream, Popsicles, peanut butter crackers, mini-cookies, ect. I just don't care when I'm feeling sick.

So between the sickness and the stress I just want to scream. But I can't. Cause it hurts to much.

I shall scream virtually: ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!

Didn't really help. Dang.

1 comment:

  1. Get to feeling better soon!

    By the way, I eat tons of popsicles. Not sure the brand, but it is a yellow box. Know the one? They have a SUGAR FREE variety that has like 15 calories, so I enjoy them frequently guilt free.

    Maybe they'll help your throat.