Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Some of my food changes

The question I've been getting the most these days is: "What do you eat?"

Well, I absolutely don't have it all figured out and I by NO means eat perfectly...quite the contrary! There is very little I consider to be completely off limits to me, I just try to eat the 'bad' things in moderation. But there are a few things I've found along the way the past few months that I think have really helped me.

First, I eat a lot of egg whites and 100% whole wheat English muffins for breakfast. I like the taste of the egg whites only and it shaves a TON of calories off of your meal! The English muffin is around 100-120 calories (much better than say, a bagel) and with the 100% whole wheat I'm getting a great start on my daily fiber total.

Snacks are still a part of my daily routine, I've just changed what I eat for them. Fiber One yogurt is delicious and again...fiber is good. 100 calorie packs of almonds, low-fat string cheese, Fiber Plus bars, a banana, sugar free pudding cups, a bowl of Special K vanilla almond, or my favorite: 100 calorie pack of popcorn! These things are all between only 50 and 150 calories and so much better tasting (to me) than my old snacks of Chips Ahoy or Little Debbies. Honest!

For lunch I usually have a turkey sandwich on light whole grain bread with an apple or banana on the side. Occasionally (like today) I'll have leftovers from dinner or a microwave meal, but the sandwich and fruit combo is my go-to meal.

Dinner is finally becoming more varied lately but for most of the past few months it has been a handful of meals rotated. Lots of boneless, skinless chicken breast being used in different ways: stir fry, sweet and sour chicken, chicken pasta, fajitas, baked with various Mrs. Dash seasonings, BBQ'd. For sides I usually used either whole wheat pasta or brown rice and to this day I ALWAYS fill my plate halfway with a baby green (spinach, romaine, ect) salad. That way, I'm getting my leafy greens and also only leaving half of my plate for the 'real' food. A great way to control portions.

Eating out: Subway has become a regular occurrence around here. Actually, I should just come out and say that we eat it A LOT...usually at least a couple of times a week. I only get the low-cal subs, no cheese or oil, only 6 inch. I usually get a bag of Baked Lays on the side, but it still WAY beats my old meals of burgers, chicken nuggets, and fries and still tastes great. :)

One last thing...I only drink water and black coffee. No soda or fancy coffees whatsoever. I do NOT drink my calories!! Why waste them?? I like to EAT. :)

Now like I said, I was not and AM not perfect at these things. I eat a lot of cheese pizza and baked chips, I even occasionally eat a donut or cookie or McDonalds among other things. But I've learned to like healthier foods and truly the best lesson I've learned along the way is that THE BATTLE IS WON OR LOST AT THE GROCERY STORE!

I hope that this was helpful to someone. I'm sure that there is still a lot I'm doing wrong, but I think for the most part this diet is what is going to work best for me not only in losing the weight, but keeping it off.

Happy eating!


  1. Awesome post! I'm sure you helped someone. Great reminder about not drinking calories and winning the battle in the aisle at the store!

    I'm so very proud of you, Missy!

  2. I like your snack ideas. I think I will try some of them. :) I also like that you eat the same thing for lunch. It takes the guesswork out of it. I may try that too. Turkey sandwich with a piece of fruit is exactly what my doctor suggested for lunch. How funny!

  3. Awesome tips, Missy!! Thanks for sharing. Part of the trouble sometimes is not even knowing where to start. This gives great ideas on how to start! :)

  4. I'm totally with ya, Miss, on where the battle is won. I can usually keep myself from buying junk at the grocery store. But if I bring it home, all bets are off.