Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday Morning Weigh-In

Weight this morning: 125.8
Loss for the week: .6 lb

Small loss again, but seriously...that's okay with me. I'm basically doing maintenance right now and only did 3 half hour workouts this week, so a small loss is great. It tells me my maintenance mode is close to where it needs to ultimately be. Not to mention that EVERYONE keeps saying that the closer to goal you get (less than 3 lbs to go!) the slower it will come off...and it definitely is! :)

My goals this week are to WORK OUT and keep on top of my water intake. Still struggling with both of those things!

Side note: college football today so I'm so excited!! Usually I'd eat myself silly, but today I'm going to at least attempt a bit of control. I'm allowing myself pizza and a couple of breadsticks but nothing chips, sweets, soda, ect. Hopefully I can stick to the plan. :) And GO BUCKEYES!!


  1. Congrats on your loss.

    Enjoy your game! Enjoy your pizza and breadsticks. =)

  2. Any loss is great!!! :)

    And I'm with ya, GO BUCKS!!! OH-IO