Sunday, September 27, 2009

The cupcake weekend

Wow...I was so incredibly bad this weekend. Really, really bad. Sigh...

Let's start with Friday night. Pizza night. Moving on.

Saturday morning I had half of a glazed donut with my usual breakfast. No biggie. Lunch was half of a Subway 6 inch sub. Doing great. Then I had a baby shower to attend. And it went horribly, horribly wrong.

They had chicken salad on croissants. Soooo good. Had one with a small cube of cheese. Not great, but nothing too scandalous.

But then. I tried a cupcake.

A vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and cream cheese icing.

And the angel's sang.

I went back for another...and somehow one fell into my purse for later. And yes. I ate it.

THREE cupcakes. And I'm still not done.

We went for burgers later and I was a good dieter and only had one junior hamburger. Until I tried Hubby's swiss/onion/mushroom burger. Oh for goodness sake, it was so stinking good. So....I split one with him. And mooched a bunch of fries, too.

So you'd think after Saturday's disaster I'd do better on Sunday, right?? Nope. So the opposite! Gabriella went home with a friend after church so Hubby wanted to do a date lunch. We chose Applebee's for the 2 for $20 deal. My "plan" was (sigh) to not eat any of the appetizer and only half of my entree.

My plan failed. :(

I tasted the appetizer (boneless buffalo wings) and ended up eating about half. My entree came and I ate, and ate, and ate, till it was about 4/5th's finished. Now before you try and tell me it's no big deal, let me tell you this: the entree alone is over a days worth of calories, has like 50 grams of fat, a TON of sodium, and these numbers don't include the appetizer at all. (I can't even bring myself to look that up.)


So...a dreadful diet weekend. I did end up going on a long, fast walk with Hubby Sunday night at the park so I got a BIT of exercise....but not even close to enough to break even.

Not sure why I was so out of control this weekend. I'm not PMS-ing, I'm not feeling depressed. No excuses whatsoever. Just lost control.

Plan for week: Workouts. Lots of 'em. Get back on plan for eating. Push the water to flush out the bad stuff, especially all the sugar and salt. Re-focus and don't let falling down = quitting.

Here's hoping I can put a stop to the madness!


  1. Amen to the "refocusing", Miss.
    Falling down is only failure if you stay down. Otherwise it's just a minor setback.
    Get back up!
    Love ya;0)

  2. I am right there with you. :) I have totally lost control and need to regain my focus. I went an ENTIRE day yesterday with no water. Yikes! We can do it!!!!