Thursday, September 3, 2009

My wimpy diet mentality

Well, my week is going a bit better this week, thank goodness. My eating is on track for the most part and I've done workouts on Monday and Wednesday...although they are shorter than they used to be at least they are something!

I'm almost to the maintenance part of my lifestyle change, so I'm slowly adding in some of the things I cut out of my diet. I've started eating a bit of butter again (actually, I Can't Believe its not Butter spray) and jelly (Simply Fruit) and even had a bit of sour cream on my enchiladas the other night. I'm trying to maintain my mantra of anything in moderation, since it seems to work for me the best.

I'm surprised at how many weight loss bloggers are 100% strict in their diets. Not that I'm judging them mind you, hey, if it works for them that is AWESOME! I just can't live that way. I love food. I love bad food. :) I have pizza all the time. I just don't eat a meat filled slice...cheese only most of the time. I love glazed donuts but I don't eat them often anymore...just maybe once a month and only one. I eat McDonalds occasionally, but I only get a small regular hamburger and a couple of fries. I still haven't let myself eat their breakfast, though. I LOVE McDonalds breakfast and I know that might open the door for too many more after that!

Anyway, my point is that I am trying to train myself to eat the junky food sparingly without depriving myself what I'm craving. It might be a wimpy way to diet, but I'm trying to make it work. The thought of never eating a pizza or a hamburger again just doesn't appeal to me whatsoever. Franky, I would rather be overweight if those are my only two choices. I want to LIVE and ENJOY my life...including what I eat!

On that note though, I must get back into the workouts again and add back in the toning/strength training, too. If I want to enjoy the occasional hamburger, I must have my body burning those fatty calories!! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying their week!

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  1. I think your "wimpy" diet mentality is right on, Miss. You have to be able to eat food that you enjoy. Moderation is key;0)