Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday morning weigh-in

Weight last week: 135
Weight today: 136.8
Gain of 1.8 pounds

I am beyond frustrated by this gain. Yes, I figured last weeks monster loss wouldn't stick because it was mostly due to an almost 4 day fast...BUT I thought I could at least maintain it this week to make an average of less than two pounds a week for the past two weeks. Sigh. It apparently wasn't to be.

I don't know how to adjust at this point. I really am doing what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm eating at or even below 1200 calories a day. I'm working out four days a week. I'm drinking water. I'm getting sleep. I'm not cheating with junk food. And all for what? A gain?? You best believe I'm having a slice of cake today, because dangit depriving myself sure isn't getting it done.

So anyway. Today I'm going to rethink what on earth is happening. I'm probably going to try to shift to more protein and push harder workouts, perhaps even adding in my nemesis: strength training. Beyond that, I just don't know. I'm just honestly so bummed right now. 


  1. What is your goal, really? Is it a weight? I'm not sure that's sustainable. How could you rethink your goals and methods to arrive at something you could enjoy for the long term? Much of your writing about this sounds like reward and punishment, success and failure, and overall, so much frustration, so much sense of immensely burdensome labor.

  2. I'm with Marcy. ;)

    Also, if you insist on having a goal weight, can it be a "goal weight RANGE"? If it's a specific weight (one set number), then even when you reach it, one piece of chocolate cake could push you right off your goal again. Whereas a "range" would give you some wiggle room for PMS time, etc.

    I think that better goals tend to be action related, as in, "I'm going to exercise at least 30 min, three times a week." With a goal like that, you do your part, and if the scale doesn't move, you've stilled achieved something. Sometimes even when you do everything "right", the pounds still don't just drop off.

  3. I hear you guys, and I realize that in some ways I'm butting my head against a wall here, but there's a reason. Sorta. A bad one, but whatever. See, I have learned that I can only maintain this 'loss' pace for so long. It's a fleeting spark that comes and goes and if I don't grab it and make progress fast, it goes away and I'm waiting for the next spark to come along. Last time I lost ten pounds, lost the spark, and gained back 13 pounds! So...yeah, I feel slightly pressured to make it work as quickly as possible.

    I do actually have a range I'm shooting for...which I've slightly adjusted up from my lowest six years ago. (Old age, lol) I'm just so ready to fit into my clothes again! Ready to feel better physically. It is remarkable how much BETTER I feel fifteen pounds lighter than I am right now. I am tired of the sluggish, slightly sick way I feel all of the time now.

    I know I sounded somewhat pathetic in this post. But doggone it, there was NO reason for a gain and that is SO frustrating. I want the science to work the way it's supposed to! But I'm honestly not all-consumed with the diet, not letting it effect my mood or control my every move, even though I might come across that way here.

    Thanks so much for being so supportive and helpful, ladies. I really do appreciate it! :)

  4. Isn't that the nature of this sort of beast -- that it involves short-lived bursts of spark? I wonder… what would be the best way or ways to work with these bursts. To gently incorporate them in a larger, more sustainable perspective…

    I'm close to my highest weight again and not fitting my clothes, and am rethinking all this for myself, too. I lost forty pounds when I stopped eating wheat for a time. I also had fewer digestive discomforts such as bloating, and wasn't quite as tired or sluggish in the day times. But it still isn't anything REAL like Celiac, and it's so trendy to be gluten-free, and I just don't know if it's really worth it to give up wheat again, with a longer-term view. I wish moderation were easier for me. I know for sure it would be better for me to eat less sugar and more vegetables… and get more sleep.

  5. Yes, moderation is so darn hard!