Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday morning weigh in

Weight last week: 136.8
Weight this morning: 133.6
Loss of 3.2 pounds

Well, I'm quite happy to see that loss! I hadn't weighed in all week because I was afraid of seeing more gain, and I had no idea what to expect this morning. I was hoping to at least lose what I'd gained back last week, and I did and then some! 

My workouts were abysmal this week, only two of them, but my eating was at or below calories every day except Sunday. Proving once again that while working out certainly helps me, it is what I eat that makes the biggest difference. 

Goals this week: Getting my butt working out again, focusing more on protein again since it appears to have made a difference this week, and upping my water since it could definitely be better. Also, this week will be a PMS nightmare, so resisting cravings will be high up on my list, no doubt. There is still a lot of Easter candy hanging around, maybe I should start throwing some away when no one is looking! ;-)

I am so relieved because honestly I was this close to throwing in the towel and having a giant bowl of pasta salad for lunch. (It is probably fine for most people to indulge in this occasionally, but if I have one bowl today I'll have five more bowls by the end of the week! It's an addiction!)   


  1. Wow, that's quite a loss! If you ever feel like doing something really drastic, try cutting out coffee. I was off coffee for the month of January, and was FAR less hungry. Caffeine ups your metabolism, but it also makes you hungrier. Lost ten pounds or more in January. Gained it all back now. ;)

  2. can can pry my coffee out of my cold, dead hands! Actually, I am down to only ONE cup of coffee most days, which for me is pretty stinking amazing (used to be 4 or 5 cups in the morning alone!) but I SO treasure that one cup every morning!

    And I'm kinda dreading the inevitable non-loss or gain this weekend. Happens every time I have a good loss one week...the next is disappointing. Plus, the PMS is hitting me HARD tonight. I want to eat EVERYTHING! :)