Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday morning weigh-in

Weight last week: 131.6
Weight today: 131.8
Gain of .2 lbs

Yeah, I totally expected that but it still sucks. No big talk today of planning to do better this week. I'm still deep in the pit and I start work tomorrow. Who knows if I'll even make it through the week intact, let alone with a loss.  


  1. Knowing something of what you're in for this week, what is the most realistic and kind plan / strategy you can come up with?

  2. Lol Marcy, that is a great question and I'm going to give you a really lame, wishy-washy answer...I am not even going to try and come up with much of a plan for this week! This is so new for my family, me working, and I have no idea what to expect. For the first six weeks, I will be working nights (6-11) Monday through Friday, which means that dinner preparation falls to my daughter. She isn't much of a cook (thanks to me never taking the time to teach her much) so our meals will be probably a bit more unhealthy at first.

    I'm probably going to play around with precooking some meals and crockpot meals, but this week will definitely have a learning curve!

    On the plus side, I'm officially out of bed and I even left the house several times today, so the depression is lifting just in time! :)

  3. I remember my mom going to work when I was a teen, and leaving me detailed instructions for the most basic meals (plug in the electric skillet… turn temp to x degrees…)