Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday confessional

Well, the weekend was not back on track the way I wanted it to be. We went to our hometown on Saturday for Gabby's volleyball game (and got my favorite hometown Kewpee hamburger as usual for lunch, naturally) and afterward we hit the dreaded county fair. I didn't do THAT bad at the fair...I managed to avoid eating anything at all until we were headed to the car, as a matter of fact. But then...I saw them.

The cinnamon roasted almonds.

Oh, how I love them! They were still hot from roasting and so, so good. I ate a TON of these. Seriously, I wasn't even trying to restrain myself whatsoever. Also, we had pizza this weekend. Twice. Sigh.

Exercise? None. Water? Very little. Feeling like a big loser? Pretty much.

Oh, I'm okay. Just kidding about being a loser, but I am feeling like a slacker! I know that this isn't going to sink me, I'm just wishing I were still as fired up and consistent like I was in the beginning. I'm still proud of the progress I've made, still happy with where I am, still committed to living this out long term.

Goal this week: Getting back into the groove. :)


  1. I'd love to see a current photo of you. You look amazing in your June photo, and you've lost since then...

    We'll get in the groove together.

  2. So I suppose you don't want my recipe for making cinnamon roasted almonds at home... easy squeezy and so delicious;0)