Friday, February 4, 2011

Feeling cruddy

I'm a disaster lately, and frankly, it's getting on my nerves.

Now, I'm coming down with a cold/flu/sinus infection thing, and I'm miserable...therefore, I am eating and eating and eating. I only lost my appetite for like an hour or two last night, and then it came roaring back again. For whatever reason, I tend to eat MORE when I'm feeling ill, not less. Yesterday morning when I first started coming down with whatever this is, I got really fuzzy-headed and super-fatigued all of a sudden, and at first I thought at first my blood-sugar had dropped (it does that) so I started shoveling one food after another into my mouth for like two hours, trying to balance it out. Finally, I just couldn't eat anymore and realized that while it helped a little bit, I was still feeling pretty gross so I must be getting sick, not having blood sugar problems.

(Wish I had realized that BEFORE consuming probably more than a days worth of calories trying to feel better!)

I did force a workout yesterday but then I felt way worse afterward, so I'm thinking I won't push it again today. I do have to clean the house though, because my in-laws will be here tomorrow. I'm not going to do a complete deep-cleaning this time, but I do need to broom sweep and swiffer the hard floors, vacuum the rugs and carpets, and scrub the toilet. Blah, blah, and super-blah.

I'm officially starting to get worried about the weight I'm putting on. I am finally a bit more, um, regular again (ahem) and I also finished with my monthly...but I'm still eating too much and not dropping the numbers down like I'd hoped. Argh. However, I keep reminding myself that I am working out regularly again, and I suppose my metabolism will take a minute to rev back up. More than anything, I need to really crack down on the amount of junk food I allow into this house. Not just talk about it, actually stop buying it!

Hopefully this sickness will be short lived and I can start to wholeheartedly go after my goals once again. I will do this. There is no going back to where I used to be! Have a great weekend, all!


  1. I'd be calling off the weekend visit with the inlaws! Not what you need when you're sick.

    Try and remember your old motto, Miss: The battle is won or lost at the grocery store. I have the same problem-- if it's in the house, I'll eat it. The answer is to not let it come in the house. (That doesn't have to mean "absolutely no junk food", just get one or two things for the whole family that are not super tempting to you. For me, if I buy Pringles or Doritos, chocolate... a lot of different things, actually.... I'm gonna eat the whole thing pretty quickly. But tortilla chips, pretzels, sherbet, vanilla ice cream... these things are not so tempting, but still enjoyed by the family.)

  2. Wish I could call off the visit, but it isn't my call, sad to say. Hopefully they'll all go out to lunch and a movie or something like that, and I can just stay home in bed.

    And you are 100% right on the old motto! I used to be so militant about it but slacked more and more over the past year...time to be a stickler again. The family won't like it, but they don't need the junk either!

  3. Sorry you are feeling bad. :( Hope it goes well this weekend.