Thursday, February 24, 2011

Things I love right now...

I love sitting here in a quiet house with nothing other than the sound of my dryer at work. It is such a comforting, homey sound to me. Oh, and speaking of laundry, I also love it when I spot Tide on sale and have a coupon, like I did earlier today. Tide is easily my favorite laundry detergent but it is usually just a bit too expensive for us.

I love that Winter is finally almost over, because we are set to get yet another snowstorm tonight and boy am I ready for Spring! These really big storms have been coming like once a week since right after Christmas! (That is probably an exaggeration, but there really have been a TON of them over the last two months!) The thing is, I'm actually a bit of a weather geek...going online and reading weather chat rooms and following the tracking of storms...but this is just enough now. Even my weather obsession is running out of steam, let us move on to Spring now. Pretty please. :)

I love that I have a fresh stack of library books to read over the snowed-in weekend ahead. I've decided to get over my library book germ fixation, because reading them online was just not the same. Perhaps I'll get an e-reader one day, but until then I will just suck it up! I just got home with four new books (and I still have one out from last week) and that just makes me smile. :)

I love Oreo's. Yes. I said Oreo's. As a matter of fact, they are here, in the house with me right now as I type, and I love it. You want to poke me in the eye now, don't you? What can I say? I have PMS and I was weak. So stinking weak. They are still unopened...for now. :)

I love that my daughter is finally reading Anne of Green Gables, after me bugging her to do it for a couple of years now. I think I might read it when she's done. I forget much of the story, but I remember that as a girl I so loved that book.

I love that I got a great deal on something I was waiting a long time to buy! I read two different recommendations online for a facial moisturizer and it sounded really great, but it costs like $7, which honestly isn't too bad for a moisturizer but would take a chunk of grocery money I'd rather spend on food! So anyway, the other day
in the Parade magazine in the newspaper I saw a coupon for $2 off that exact brand...and then the very next day I found a Target coupon online for another $2 off! I ended up getting it for only three made me so tickled! :)

Okay, so those are a few good things that I am choosing to think on today instead of just all the yuck that was ruining my morning. I hope you are all finding lots to be loving today, too!


  1. I love the sound of the dryer running, too--except I haven't heard it lately. lol

    Spring is coming. In years past I've always fixated on the temperature. This has been the mildest winter we've had in years temp wise. Snow, not so much. It got cold yesterday, today and tomorrow--and it feels like -50 because I was so used to 30s. lol It's like 2 degrees, so not that bad.

    Hubby got a Kindle for Christmas and it is the best thing ever. I am constantly getting emails from Amazon where he has "purchased" free books. He can easily read two books in a night--self taught speed reader, and it's been wonderful not having to run to the library all the time. I'm thinking one might be nice for school now that we're in high school--most the classics are to be had for free.

    Great deal on the coupon/moisturizer! I love a great deal.


  2. Ok, so I about died when you said you are a weather geek. Me too! Thought I was the only one. LOL

    Oh, and I just have to say that I thought of you when I was the first to get a copy of the new Joanne Fluke book from the library. Brand new! No yucky germs yet...just mine.

    So glad you are feeling up and focusing on the positives. We need days like that. Yea!

  3. Monday is here.
    I hope you are still finding "lots to love".